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our reporting on this. also tent, hillary clinton receiving an endorsement from star trek. >> mrs. clinton would be the one to bring us together in some way. >> caution, you are about to enter the the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the cliven bundy controversy this that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. when the story broke about the feds going to nevada, to make a rancher pay gration fees, my staff did what it always does. we researched and found out the facts and those are these. cliven bundy broke the law for many years by not paying the fees that the federal government owns the land and that the state of nevada readily admits that jurisdiction in the grazing controversy. those are the facts. so, we presented them to you. and then mildly criticized the feds for overreacting. you may remember, judge napolitano and i spacekly said it's a waste of taxpayer money to conduct a raid and seize cattle. you simply use the legal system to eventually make bundy pay up. now, most of you agreed wit
time that he had it for monopoly on that mass media from my three years ago a story clinton saying that the un says the new command to warrant it using no more riding on the first time our team was mentioned by such high profile us official to think this effectively means the end. information monopoly and that the us has held for so long what could be the outcome of that. what in the us government realizes that the truth is very dangerous because of the american people particularly learn the truth they get an alternative news source they can become a political factor. demanding a change in us policy a policy that needs to be changed on the monopoly on information is key because controlling people's minds is the most important are the most important thing we see right now that the rta and what hillary clinton called the international media that poses a challenge to the us media. it means that they have lost their monopoly that's a very good thing i know is an american person that millions of americans are so happy that there's an alternative or say which resulted in the mainstream c
. >>> sharing the list with governor brown, john kerry and former secretary of state hillary clinton. terrell williams earned a spot. his biography is written by justin timberlake. but bedwron say sits on top of the -- beyonce sits on top of the category. she's on the cover. >>> a zoo has an unlikely new member. it's not quite a zebra and not quite a donkey. we'll explain. >>> and next -- new details surrounding the teen who survived more than five wheels inside the wheel well of an -- hours inside the wheel well of an airplane. >>> heavy rain in fairfield and concord right now. we'll take a look at how long the rain will last -- coming up. >>> new details tonight surrounding the somalian teenager from san jose who stowed away on a flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane. britain's daily mail has released photos of yahya abdi. he was trying to find his mother. now a mother claim to be his mother says the boy's father falsely told their children that she died in a rocket attack. she says her former husband remarried and took their children to the united states in 2006 which was the last
clinton's chance to run for office. cnn clocked in at two minutes, technically two minutes and ten seconds, i guess cnn is only interested in what is floating in the ocean. don't you think this is actual meaningful news and could fit into your unnecessary over dramatic hologram rooms, virtual reality ride and random street yelling? you can't use your holo-deck green screen room to talk about global warning, jason jones, show them how it is done. >> we are out here in the state of the art stimulation of what it will be like when we are all boiling in the world's rising oceans. >> jon: jason, you are in a hot tub, jason. you are in a hot tub. >> check this out. alcohoholo-deck off. >> best graphic team in the business. they are even able to crop out this ping-pong ball i wear for pleasure, for a different kind of effect (bleep). >> jon: i am thank you. i am glad i didn't know what you meant. you don't have to change that much as part of your month and a half long breathless plane search you have martin savidge underwater to demonstrate what it is like under water. you can easily do this for
back, secretary of tate hillary clinton wrote an entire article about the need for a pivot. so she's going to have to she runs for f president. it problem with a pivot is means you are turning away from something to something else so you just turned away from are saying what are we, chopped liver? who was not else in asia thought they were the ones being turned away from. turned to ple being get nervous that you are leaning in on them. likes to inistration use the word rebalance. everybody is equal, we are all.ncing you gwen: that is not even possible. rebalance isn't great because it sounds like unbalanced. said we should have said revitalize. sexy.s not very i will say what we need to show is the united states is capable or, as we used to say, we can walk and chew gum time.e same gwen: as the president said stuff.of >> you mentioned how ukraine is important and i think you are absolutely right, that asian what we arewatching doing. i'm wondering whether all of those countries that have the tes with china over south china sea and east china ea looking at ukraine and wondering wha
served as ambassador-at-large to the former soviet union during the clinton administration, and he has held senior roles on the security council and the state department. he is currently the professor of international diplomacy at columbia and a senior fellow on the council of foreign relations. his new book explores the personalities and little-known stories of foreign policy. it is called "maximalist: america in the world from truman to obama." i am pleased to have steve sestanovich back at the table. great to have you back in the studio. ukraine. >> yeah. >> russia. where are we? >> it seems we're looking at a rolling dismemberment of ukraine. and i think it may turn out to be too strong a statement. i hope so. right now, the way the russians seem to be handling this is to challenge the authority of the ukrainian government and to warn that if they try to assert its authority in the eastern provinces where the support is weaker that russia will respond. respond they will, as the foreign minister said, as they did in georgia in 2008, the threat of war. >> they're threatening war if w
media. he comes at this from a media angle. think about bill clinton, i smoked but i didn't inhale and barack obama talking about dog a little blow and getting stoned and drunk day in and day out. nobody paid any attention to that. >> or president george w. bush who also admitted to smoking marijuana. >> the change is what i'm saying. >> what is changing is a gradual acceptance that people smoke weed and are protective members of society and what you saw in colorado could be the result of construction of elaborate taboos around the use of this and telling kids their hair will fall out and they are unable to cognate and unable to be productive members of society and try the drug and none of that happens and you lose the trust of your child and credibility of that child. >> listen, there might be a reefer madness aspect to that i would agree with, but it's when the kids smoke the second day of the week and the third day of the week, then -- >> the other thing is, too, sean, i agree with guy. i'm in the middle on this but you have to consider here if it's goingrecreational and you're
's mainstream cruise for this lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline clinton replied to local encounters and access to wilkinson. call. welcome back chair watching lost and jet coming up western regions can from further sanctions against russiais
clinton, if she -- if hillary clinton does run and is unsuccessful primary, -- runs.'s assume she nobody has ever gotten a free pass in residential elections going back to eisenhower. who is the most likely democrat to run against her? >> someone will. i do not know. governor o'malley is talking about it. she was almost unbeatable then. she starred with 40% of the democratic primary. now she is up around 60% or 70%. nobody in either party is confident. it does not me somebody will not run or get 30% somehow. i think if somebody runs, they are trying to set themselves up for the future acted out to their name. >> you granite state people do not like to coordinate people. care, i pull don't bernie sandals and that category. you might get a few hard progresses from the left. -- i put bernie sanders in that category. and governor o'malley in that category. ad do not suggest that coronation is a good thing for a candidate. look at successful presidential candidates like george h w the whole came through a very tough primary. who came h.w. bush through a very tough primary and bill clinton and
is a private eye. he is locked up. >> yes, but do you know why? >> yes. >> all right, remember mrs. clinton, remember her husband used to be president? okay, they were going to remove him because he had monkeyed around with a young lady in the white house, right? someone came up with the former boyfriend of that young lady. and the quote that she was going to washington to get her presidential -- >> monica lewinsky. >> who do you think came up with that guy? >> anthony pellicano. >> you can say it was about wiretapping, but i don't know. >> some of the stories at the time were some of the biggest names in hollywood could be in trouble because of him going after ex-wives and that sort of thing. so you knew him, one evening you're having dinner at your ranch. and somebody who says they're from the fbi is at the other end. >> exactly. and i think that is where you come in and can't believe this incredible story. >> mct was prosecuted because he answered the phone and he spoke to an fbi agent on the phone, not under oath, not in person, this guy didn't present credentials or anything if that na
and columnist for the "daily beast" and served in the clinton administration. you learn something new every day. >> indeed. >> krir stirsten, good to see y. some of the e-mails changed clearly are trying to flatter him. he want to show him the star he is, show him the best of who he really is, present him as the star. i mean, that could just be a producer trying to stroke the staff so that they get the access they want. >> yeah, i think in some cases that could be it, but when i read the e-mails, i think some of it did cross the line. you're basically promising we're going to make him look like the star he is. and as it happens, they do, megyn. they make him look like a star. >> the end result is fair. who cares what's said. that's between him and emanuel's office. the ultimate result is criticized. >> exactly. so i think -- if you look at the cnn website it says it's unscripted and it doesn't look unscripted when they say we want to capture his leadership, so we need to have him -- having certain kinds of meanings. we need him in his suv talking on the cell phone, that's not leadership qualiti
at this point. worth pointing out the remainder of the clinton era it occurred with the most radical of africa. can you tell who kidnapped american journalist was released yesterday. they work liao. the five lateral position. led by germany it's interesting that this will lead to turn opinion about the situation to go to a member of the previous bilateral action and eyes that he had lost contact with the biggest number of fish certainly begs the question the db separatist forces in eastern ukraine today recognize any authority apart from one that is sanctioned by moscow. no wonder why hostile to western journalists. the fact that they know that it was first told when to watch go about each poet to poet should be monitored. quite revealing they opened the door. geneva last week's topics that were represented. and it didn't join us on the story for susan thank you very much are those few more on this observer mission we will live with our political correspondent the show proof that she has been looking into that for a son. it is the osce mission of what kind of group. is it and what to do. but
with the audience outrage that bill clinton and in his sense of the story. it was almost like an irish street cop to laser in on what the issue is so that is a testament that has carved out the power center and he has the numbers. they grouch about it but it's because he has a respect that o'reilly is a self-made man. >> host: it's interesting because they have come out in ways that do not fit the scenario you are describing on immigration into gun controls. you are saying because he's powerful he doesn't have to -- >> guest: he is eventually the one talent with some exceptions he can do what he wants. he is very much in lockstep with what he wants. it's interesting to note that he is the programming deputy was for years that director-producer and it's that line between sean hannity where he can get what he wants on the air. >> host: there is a famous moment where carl who has been on fox was raising a lot of money against obama and doing commentary about obama. somebody said about go check. they looked pretty awful on that. again it doesn't fit the scenario. what happened in that moment where sh
." they call hillary clinton's return while the greatest in history. is chief white house correspondent for the hell. i'm pleased to have them at the table for the first time. i said you are the chief, i don't know if you are. to do the bookea at this time, about from two different people? >> that's a good question. we both worked at politico and we were very fascinated and looking at her time in state. it not have been well covered. she has a press corps that traveled with her, but this is a woman who's going to be running for president. we wanted to look into what she did the last four years and see if she was papal bull, if she would pass the test, what voters would look at during her time in state and that's what we did. had done a few stories together and we had a good collaboration. work? does that ande had two computers open i would write a few paragraphs that i could see the edits happening in the file and then she would write a few paragraphs. you conducted some 200 interviews with people about her. was there a single event -- when you talk to people about her, people who like
and with this whole episode because it doesn't go awamp as you saw in 1995 with clinton being able to come back, he was in a bad spot. and we had all these militia guys come up and sort of this fever broke a little bit. and it hurt republicans. they didn't lose the house and senate, but they did lose the presidency. and i think it's going to be difficult for them to wash this away. especially when you have people like rick perry saying, well, so he's a racist. but he was sort of right on other stuff that we support. i think it's going to be tough for them to get rid of it. now, if -- if all of these disparate groups start to say we still like him, you could see that -- especially if democrats don't want to come out. it's going to be tough for them. >> i also wonder how much -- part of it is about what this anti-government animus is about. we'll talk in a second about the actual state subsidies that are issued here which are shocking actually. and appalling. >> right. >> when you look at what is going on with grazing fees, to be totally honest. >> yeah. >> that is part of it, as well, right? there's
Search Results 400 to 415 of about 416 (some duplicates have been removed)